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Digital Stalking

For the week of March 24, our class decided to digitally stalk or sleuth one another. We tried to dig up dirt on one another, or more accurately, we tried to help one another out by pointing out what information we could find on them through google. This was amazing because it allowed us to get a sense of our digital citizenship.

My partner had an amazing digital presence. They were very professional and had extremely positive appearances within media. We exchanged documents at the end of this activity in order to review the material that we were able to find. My partner found something on me that was extremely shocking…

Image Source

They gave me a document and they outlined what social media I was able to be found on (although most of that social media is private so people who are not friends with me cannot see my posts). One of the social media sources she outlined was Tik Tok. I saw this and was slightly confused because I don’t use Tik Tok. I decided to download the app and quickly open it up. I linked it with my Facebook and it signed me in to an account that I must have created long ago. I had no posts on this account, the only thing that there was, was a username and image of myself for the profile picture. I decided to look at who was following me and noticed a student from past placements had followed me on this account. I was mortified. There is nothing that was worth seeing; however, the thought that a student was able to find one of my accounts I didn’t even know existed and the follow me on this was horrifying. I promptly deleted the account with nothing on it and it truly gave me a wake-up call about the importance of not only having a positive appearance online, but also making sure I keep track of accounts I might make over time, even my Webkinz account from 2007.

In the end this digital sleuthing exercise was extremely valuable to me and I hope that this is something I can partake in again down the road!

Speaking of digital appearances, follow my Twitter!

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