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Mental Health Check-In with Google Forms

I have discussed my live and appreciation for the Google apps that exist. This week I decided to create a Google Form that would conduct a mental health check-in with my peers. The results are included in this blog post below!

I have felt very burnt out lately. This past week has been extremely busy with essays, projects, etc. and I have definitely fallen off the bandwagon that is Word Press and Twitter. I decided to conduct an anonymous Google Form on twitter for my class mates to partake in, if they had the time, to see if I was alone in feeling this way. This form consisted of 3 questions. Let’s look at them.

Question 1:

This question was “On a scale of 1-5 how are you feeling mentally right now?” 1 was labelled as “Very Bad” and 5 was labelled as “Very Good”. As you can see by the results. most people were in the middle or leaning towards the “Very Bad” section of the graph. In other words, the people who took this survey are reporting that their mental health is either neutral or not too well.

Question 2:

This question was “On a scale of 1-5 how stressed are you feeling right now?” 1 was labelled as not stressed and 5 was labelled as very stressed. As you can see by the overwhelming results: most of the participants have rated their stress levels as being 4 or 5 which is very high.

It has been extremely informative to conduct this Google Form, not only as a way to receive anonymous input from my peers, but to also demonstrate that this is a very stressful time and many of us are struggling. I hope that you take this information and you are able to see that you are not alone, and that we all need to take extra time to focus on our mental health.

Question 3:

The third question was “What are coping techniques you use to manage mental health?” This allowed you all to input your techniques and I will create a list of them bellow so that we can look at them and pick some that may help us in our attempt to help our mental health.

  • Physical activity, down time, meditation, music
  • Boxing, music, talking to friends, laughing, eating good food
  • Making time for my hobbies, regulating my sleep schedule so I can actually see most of the daylight in a given day, and listening to lots of music that makes me happy
  • Focusing on the end result
  • Yoga, walk outside, sketching and art
  • Gym
  • Working out, eating healthy, spending time with loved ones and pets
  • Sleeping and exercising
  • Give myself one day a weekto do things I like and not stress over school . work
  • Talking with friends, yoga, walking dog, video games
  • Getting outside and taking time to do things that make ME happy
  • Talking to others, praying, singing
  • Taking time to be off social media, go for walks or exercise, trying to be more present for myself

Some of you also used this question as a way to acknowledge that you may not be taking the time to focus on your mental health and that this Google Form has brought your attention to that. In conclusion, I hope that if you are feeling mentally drained, you know that you are not alone and that there are many of us who use different approaches to assist with mental health such as the activities listed above.

One reply on “Mental Health Check-In with Google Forms”

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for writing and sharing this! I needed it today…. I was one of the stressed replies haha… There are some amazing tips here! Especially the sleep routine- I could sure work on this. This is such an important topic.

Looking forward to your next posts!



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