EDTC300 Learning Project

Video Tutorials – One More shot

In my previous blogs, I have stated how I am slowly starting to understand my preferred way of learning. The methods I notice that I am excelling in is through looking at an image and recreating it. I have also claimed that following tutorials via video or step-by-step result in work that I am definitely not pleased with. This week I decided to give a video tutorial one last shot before I fully decide that learning through videos is not my preferred method.

The video I followed this week is called “Water Coloring Painting Tutorial | Northern Lights Forest | Watercolor Painting For Beginners” which is a YouTube video created by AhmadArt. I put in my best effort and after my painting was complete, I finally decided that I do not like to learn through the use of videos. I know that this is a preferred learning method by many; however, I am too focused on doing the steps perfectly that I lose sight of the final product.

I am not upset with my piece because the trees turned out much better than I could have expected, however, the house and background are not the best. I am slightly disappointed that I was not able to fully capture the beauty of the original piece, but the positive part of this experience is that I am beginning to understand how different forms of learning can impact the final product. As a teacher this shows me how students have different ways of learning and that I need to bring a variety of these means into my classroom.

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