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Google Classroom

Over the reading week my EDTC 300 class required me to take a deep dive into a new technological tool that could be used in a classroom setting. The tool I used was Google Classroom!

Google Classroom - Wikipedia

What is it?
Google Classroom is an amazing tool. It allows you to post content for students, keep track of student progress, and host and record video conferences. You can also create an archive of different courses containing your lesson plans in chronological order. This is extremely beneficial because it allows you to have a digital copy of your classes.

Why I like it:

Google Classroom is amazing. In this day and age with COVID, it allows teachers to connect with students and vise versa. Google Classroom also provides teachers with an opportunity to share resources with one another in a very clear and organized manner. Just note: when sharing a Google Classroom with ANYONE make sure you make a copy of the original classroom first!

My overall rating:

I give Google Classroom a 10/10! I recommend using this as a supplement for your teaching!

3 replies on “Google Classroom”

Hey Sarah!
I am glad you got to explore Google Classroom, it is an amazing resource for both face-to-face and distance learning. You can monitor student progress, seamlessly integrate all other Google platforms (doc, slides, etc.), and limit sites of contact during COVID to name a few of its assets. I have lots of experience with the platform but for your readers who don’t, it would have been great to see a walk through video or some photos that outline your experience and learnings surrounding Google Classroom! I am glad to read that you highly recommend the platform, because I do too!


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