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I have had a Twitter account for many years now; however, I have never used it for educational purposes. I have only ever used it as a news source and I have only ever retweeted posts and never created my own. It has officially been one week since I first started using Twitter for educational purposes and here are my thoughts:

Twitter is an amazing tool. I have started to not only use Twitter as a source of news, but I have created my own weekly segments. On Monday I have started “Motivation Monday” where I make a Tweet with the intentions of providing motivation for readers.

Secondly, I have found Twitter extremely useful as it allows me to connect with my class peers. I love having the chance to see what my peers are using Twitter for and to see progress that they are making in their Learning Project as they provide updates via Twitter.

Next, the different media that you can use on Twitter is amazing! My personal favourite, which you will see when looking at my account @AdamsHuber, is the GIF feature. I use a GIF in nearly all posts and responses because I find it not only provides the opportunity to develop a connection with readers, but also draws the attention in the first place.

Finally, I have looked through the Saskedchat on Twitter. This is a source that provides teachers in Saskatchewan with resources, thoughts, and different ideas for teaching. I truly appreciate the existence of this chat because as a soon to be first year teacher, this resource will allow me to further my teaching abilities.

So, if you are reading this and are unsure about whether Twitter would be a beneficial addition to your social media platforms, I would recommend trying it out! If it turns out not to be for you, you can always delete your account. As Michael Scott from The Office once said:

5 replies on “Twitter Thoughts”

I’m not a huge fan of Twitter myself, but it looks like you’ve really made this social media your own! I’m glad to see you starting motivation Mondays! I think it’s great to have a start like this to a week.


I had never used Twitter until this class as well! I agree that its a great way to find very relevant and useful information. I’m still on the fence as to whether it will become my go-to news source or not. Maybe weekly posts such as motivation Mondays will change that however!


I have been using Twitter for a while and I promise you just have to give it time. Follow the right people and you find the benefits. There are lots of opportunities out there for lesson ideas or ways to connect your students to experts. Reading a book in class – tweet the author, they might tweet you back! The best part is you don’t have to post regularly, you can just lurk!


I think it can be extremely beneficial to use in a classroom! It helps you put out reminders for students, and keep them updated on important events inside and outside the school! I think the most important thing is to teach them about how what they put online will be with them forever and what better way to teach them through the use of social media! I can complete appreciate how Twitter may not be the number one source for this, but I’m sure there are other platforms that can display this lesson aswell!


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