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Hi, I’m Sarah Adams-Huber and this is my blog! This blog is a place for me to use technology in order to further my understanding of Education. Due to Covid-19, the use of technology in an education setting has become more prevalent than ever.

I conducted my internship at Thom Collegiate last semester, and during my time there, classes shifted from in person to online learning on two separate occasions. I had to learn different ways to teach online using many different programs on the computer. The program that I used primarily was the Google Classroom Suite; however, moving into an online setting really allowed me to see how many other programs are out there that could be used in an online education setting.

Blogging is another form of technology that allows people to learn from one another. I am somewhat familiar with blogging using Word Press; however, it is definitely a challenge to get my pages to look the way I want them to! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, and I hope that my learning journey will provide you with learning experiences as well!

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